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Contact Lens Assessment

If you are interested in trying contact lenses for the first time, or maybe you tried them years ago without success and are interested in discussing the latest options available, the first step is an initial chat about your expectations from contact lenses taking in to account lifestyle etc.

You will then undergo tests to assess the health and compatibility of your eye with contact lenses, and to assess the curvature of your eye to find the right contact lenses for you.

Once the lens choice has been made, assessments of the fit and vision whilst the lens is on the eye are conducted. You will then be trained on how to insert and remove your new lenses safely, with particular emphasis placed on the importance of good hygiene during day to day handling of lenses to maintain eye health.

After all tests have been completed, you will be given a set of lenses to take home with you to trial. A one week follow up is booked with the optometrist, which is essential to assess whether the chosen lenses are right for you and your eyes.

Contact Lens Aftercare

Aston & Woods offer maintenance check-ups for clients who are existing contact lens wearers. This is normally an annual visit to ensure that the contact lenses you are currently wearing are still suitable. At your check-up, the health of your ocular surface will be checked to make sure that your lenses are not reacting in any way, and to ensure that the fit of the lenses, and your vision is still optimal.

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